Flag Poles

Like the Street lights, these are flag poles where adverts mostly canvas are placed on poles like flags, and are placed at the road sides. They are extremely worth the investment as they can be viewed by pedestrians, motorists and drivers from both ends. They are not only cheap but highly visible, making them the ideal advertising medium.

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Street pole ads are considered to be an extremely effective marketing tool:

  • High visibility: The success of any street pole ad campaign will depend on whether it is used correctly. Posters are usually mounted on street poles that are highly visible thanks to their proximity to the road. This makes them easily noticeable to both foot and vehicle traffic.
  • Road users-audience: If positioned correctly, the street pole ad campaign will reach thousands of drivers and pedestrians each month. This will give the ad a large audience and increase its penetration rate.
  • Location: If the location is chosen correctly it has the best chance of being read by the correct demographic of consumers. Roads with the most traffic will be noticed by the highest number of consumers.
  • One of the biggest benefits of street pole ads is its relative cost efficiency compared to the number of consumers it could potentially reach if used correctly.

Bukoba, Kigoma, Kahama, Musoma, Tabora.

  • These sizes are approximate and not intended for production. Contact sales team for production details.