Bus Shelters

Focusing on mutual business society benefits in installation of advertising structures which provide social benefits to the community, EF Outdoor Ltd has managed to install bus shelters and litter bins across these regions in Tanzania:- Morogoro, Mwanza, Tarime, Karagwe, Chato, Muleba, Musoma and Dodoma. These outdoor furniture are helpful in keeping towns clean, while providing comfort to people.

Bus shelters are highly effective, in some situations more so than larger billboards. Fact is some areas do not have billboards as an advertising option, so transit shelter advertising will often be an excellent alternative to larger billboards.

More Info

  • Shelters offer ad space located along busy bus routes.
  • These structures provide eye-level visibility to pedestrians bus riders and drivers.
  • Target specific audiences and reach areas where other Out-of-Home advertising cannot go.
  • Add three dimensional extensions, adorn walls or wrap an entire shelter with your ad to make a dramatic impact on your audience.
  • The ability to deliver specific target audiences at low costs makes bus shelters a valuable component of any advertising campaign.

Dar es salaam, Dodoma, Kahama, Mbeya, Mwanza.


1 m x 2.8m

  • These sizes are for live image area and not intended for production. Contact sales team for production details.